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Bright in appearance and refreshing on the palate, our award-winning medium dry is handcrafted with a perfect balance of red and green apples to deliver a cider that is not too sweet and leaves you wanting another. Treehouse Cider simply tastes like apple.

STYLE: Medium dry, filtered bright 

ALC/VOL: 4.8%

APPLE SPLIT: 70% red/30% green

YEAST: Champagne

AVAILABLE: 50L keg - 330ml bottle




trying new things..

The Tinker Tank series allows Luke our cider maker to experiment with different ingredients, yeasts and apples leading to interesting ciders that don’t fit the mould. Some of the world’s greatest innovations have come from tinkering.

Drop us a line if you’re keen to stay up to date with what’s coming out. 

BATCH #04 - Baked Apple Dry (COMPLETE)/ BATCH #03 - DRY NOON - (COMPLETE) / BATCH #02 - Modern Unfiltered Dry (COMPLETE) / BATCH #01 - Honey Cyser (COMPLETE)

tinker tank cider