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Tinker Tank - Craft Cider

The Tinker Tank series allows Luke our cider maker to experiment with different ingredients, yeasts and apples leading to interesting ciders that don’t fit the mould. Some of the world’s greatest innovations have come from tinkering.

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Our third batch of Tinker Tank is a drop of refinement and simplicity, just like the effortless beauty of the Granite Belt. Tinker Tank #3 is clean on the nose with a satisfying dryness on the palate and a smooth, balanced finish. This unfiltered gem is simply good!

6.3% ABV

BATCH #02 - Modern Unfiltered Dry (COMPLETE)

Handcrafted to embody the rustic Granite Belt Region, we ferment fresh juice with a perfect blend of champagne and saison yeast. We then carefully introduce French oak to add tannin and texture. A cloudy cider that's tart, dry and tannic of high quality

BATCH #01 - Honey Cyser (COMPLETE)

The first drop from Tinker Tank, our cyser is produced with iron bark honey and a perfect blend of apples sourced from the Granite Belt. Slightly cloudy and displaying champagne hues, this delicate cyser greets you with honey aromas upfront in union with beautiful apple character. Subtle sweetness gives way to a dry finish on the palate. Enjoy!


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