Master Fermenter

After mastering the brewing practice, having worked as a senior brewer and team leader at Stone & Wood Brewing Co, Lukey now keeps himself busy crafting Treehouse Cider and a bunch of small batch ciders under the Tinker Tank label. As cider season approaches, we thought it would be a good time to get to know the legend behind this Summers most delightful beverage. 

Who are you?

My name is Luke Rutland.

How long have you been employed by Fermentum (Stone and Wood Family)?

Five years, five long years, haha...just joking.

What is your role within the company?

Head cider maker/ kombucha maker/ whatever else we dream up.

What sparked your interest in the brewing industry?

I just fell into it. I’ve got a chemistry background, and I was working in a lab in Perth, in a job I was pretty unhappy in. I’d spend my lunch breaks on Seek, and one day a job came up in the technical department in the Swan brewery, which I applied for and subsequently got. From my first day there, I knew that being a part of the brewing industry was what I wanted to do.

What do your days consist of before and after work?

My children. Harry is seven and Amelie is three. In the morning we get them ready for school, in the evenings we get them ready for bed. In between we hangout, play, read books, spend time in the garden.

When do you feel the most stoked?

I feel the most stoked at home when there’s harmony in the house. When my two kiddies are happily playing together, and I’m there with Joanna, watching them.

At work, I’m just generally stoked to be there most of the time. I have it pretty good!!

What is your current favourite beer and why?

Treehouse Cider. Because it is delicious and refreshing and made by an absolute legend :). 


Words // Birralee Jean